About Us

What do we do

Nationwide Skip Tracing conducts the industries most comprehensive skip tracing. Based on over 20 years in the investigations business, we have developed strategies and techniques that result in successful skip tracing. We have access and utilize resources that our competitors do not.

Most companies conducting skip tracing services use a single database that is low cost and allows them to make the most profit. These databases used are often outdated, not very comprehensive and most importantly are never scrutinized by anyone that has investigative experience

Experienced investigators conduct all skip tracing and service of process

Our promise to you

Our promise to you is simple. Conduct the most thorough and successful skip tracing investigations. We will find the skip and serve process if needed. We have done so for many years and will continue to do so under the umbrella of one of the most successful private investigation firms in the USA.

How are we different

At Nationwide Skip Tracing we conduct things very differently. Besides using the most comprehensive and updated databases, we are full time investigators with many years of experience conducting thorough skip tracing. The difference is while our competitors are often office workers with little or known training, we are different. We do not just simply read a report, re-type it to our letterhead and send your way.

We are experts in interpreting the data from multiple sources. We are backed by our experience in conducting investigations. We have the resources, knowledge and worldwide connections to get the job done.