What Everyone Needs To Know About Skip Tracing.

How does Skip Tracing work? The practice of locating a person who is “skipping” or avoiding contact with other people, often for the purpose of collecting a debt or for legal reasons, is referred to as skip tracing. Utilization of a wide variety of sources of information that are freely available to the public is […]

Skip Tracing For The Real Estate Industry

Locating Individuals who have defaulted or have outstanding liens Skip tracing can be used in the real estate industry to locate individuals who have defaulted on their mortgages or who have an outstanding property lien. In these cases, the lender or creditor will use skip tracing to locate the borrower and attempt to collect the […]

What Is Skip Tracing? What Does A Skip Tracer Do?

Skip tracing is the process of locating a person’s whereabouts. This can be done for various reasons such as debt collection, tracking down a missing person, or finding a person who is needed for a legal case. The process typically involves using a combination of publicly available information, such as social media, property records, and […]

What Is Service of Process? What Do Process Servers Do?

A process server is an individual who is responsible for delivering or serving legal documents, such as a summons or complaint, to a defendant or respondent in a lawsuit. The purpose of this service is to provide notice to the defendant that they are being sued and to give them an opportunity to respond to […]